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Primavera tra gli Olivi

Borghetto and Sirmione

A half-day excursion to discover the Sirmione peninsula, one of the most famous destinations on Lake Garda. The trip then continues to Borghetto, a small medieval village built on the River Mincio where the famous tortellino 'Nodo d'amore' was created.

Spring excursions on Lake Garda

Discovering Sirmione and Borghetto: a dream half-day excursion among history, nature and authentic flavours

From 8 April to 6 May, we invite you to take part in a half-day excursion that will lead you to discover Sirmione, one of the most famous destinations on Lake Garda, and Borghetto, a fairytale medieval village built on the banks of the River Mincio.

The adventure begins in Sirmione, a peninsula rich in history and charm, where you can admire the remains of a Roman villa and the Scaligero Castle, a medieval fortress that dominates the horizon of the lake.

The journey then continues to Borghetto, a medieval village on the river Mincio where you can admire the fascinating watermills that characterise the landscape and taste the famous tortellini "Nodo d'Amore", an authentic culinary delight that encapsulates the taste and tradition of this enchanting locality.


Excursion date

Every Monday from 8 April to 6 May 2024


Trip duration

Departure at 13:15 and return at 18:00



Borghetto and Sirmione



Discounted at € 15 for our guests, free for those who book their stay on our website


Excursions can be booked directly at the hotel at our reception,

by filling in the contact form below, sending an e-mail or contacting us by phone at +39 0457256105, before 5 pm on the previous day.


free of charge up to 24 hours before, after which a cancellation fee of the full amount of the excursion will be charged.

Primavera tra gli Olivi

Borghetto and Sirmione is an experience included in the "Primavera tra gli Olivi" programme, which includes a series of excursions organised between April and May to discover Lake Garda and its surrounding beauty.
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Borghetto and Sirmione

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