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Eco friendly holiday

Our commitment to the Planet and to offer an eco-friendly holiday to all our guests

Lake Garda and its surrounding nature remind us how important it is to respect and protect the environment in order to enjoy these places.

For this reason, for years we have been pursuing our commitment to increasingly reduce the environmental impact of our activities on the environment and on the planet.

Since the renovation of the structure, we have invested in the use of energy from renewable sources and solar panels, which has allowed us to limit the consumption of fossil and more polluting fuels.

The reduction of water and energy waste is also a key point for us thanks to special control systems, present in every room, such as the sensors for switching off the air conditioning and electricity.

We are also progressively reducing the use of plastic and single-use packaging to limit the production of waste and packaging.

In addition, we support and offer plant-based food choices to encourage the consumption of more sustainable foods that have less impact on the environment.

This year we have measured and quantified how these and other actions contribute to the reduction of the impacts and CO2 emissions of our activities on the environment and on the planet. With the help of UP2YOU, an Italian start-up that encourages and rewards the sustainable behavior of people and accommodation facilities, we have analyzed our carbon footprint and identified the good practices already in progress to enhance them, support new initiatives and lay the foundations to achieve carbon neutrality.

Thanks to the collaboration with UP2YOU, we are in fact supporting VERRA certified environmental protection and reforestation projects in Italy, Turkey, China, Nepal, Uruguay, Australia and Madagascar, to offset part of the non-reducible emissions that are emitted by our hospitality services.

To date we can boast a compensation of 22.310Kg CO₂ thanks to the financing of 8 projects that convert degraded pastures and territories into forests, generate and encourage the use of renewable energy and preserve unique ecosystems, involving local communities and thus also promoting social and economic sustainability of the place where the project is carried on.

The projects we support: